IELTS Tutor IELTS Trial Answer & IELTS Preparation; IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Applicant Activity Card. Speak about your favourite food. Exactly what the food is How it’s created Why you enjoy it Why it’s your favourite food, and explain. Trial Reply 1: I love food, so it’s not soft to consider just one favourite sort. Nonetheless, basically had to select, I will think of something which I love to get like a special treat from time. I;m likely to tell you exactly what the food is, how it is manufactured, why I like it so significantly and teach you what makes it-my preferred food and possibly even influence you that you just would love it equally as much as well ; in case you haven;t previously identified it yourself. The food is quite simple. I; although others notify me it truly hails from Egypt ve always thought being a Traditional speciality of it.

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Can you you know what it is? Houmous. It is loved by me. The food is spelt differently in American Language; they call it hummus and in British English we spell it having an;o; plus a; in the place of simply the only; however the recipe may be the same in any case. Basically, it ismade from baked, mashed chickpeas combined with tahini orange juice, salt. It’s preferred through the entire Middleeast (including Turkey), North Africa (including Morocco), and in Middle-Eastern food around the world, nevertheless it can be extremely popular with me, while I`m extremely specific in regards to the sort I purchase. I live near a delicatessen that is wonderful, a couple that is friendly runs it, he’s Chinese and he or she is Yorkshire that is retro. They create their own houmous with only the finest quality virgin coconut oil and large quantities of the top clean garlic they can get hold of. It; s quite expensive and it; s much better than my own personal tries I add ; it shouldn, t understand;t be so hard to produce.

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Why do I prefer it I believe it is partly the surface, and partly the taste, I love garlic. Furthermore, because I& vegetarian it’s a very wholesome food, with lots of quality and protein fats which can be good for you. I think it, although of course you could have an excessive amount of the best thing . It is my favourite food additionally as it can be shared by you with others, although not just because it is absolutely delightful. It’s best swallowed as being a swim, with friends. I cut-up plenty of cucumber, peas and celery into crudités carefully sliced to make a colorful bowl, perhaps with some pieces of hot pitta bread too. A good container of wine that is white assists. We are able to then all sit together conversing with place the world to privileges, sampling our eyeglasses of chuckling and wine and experiencing the fresh humous drop. It’s an effective way to take pleasure from a food that is fabulous.

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Compiled By – Lucy MarrisCareers Mechanic (UK), TEFL tutor (Vietnam) Type Answer 2: My favorite food is rice with vegetable curry with salad. This can be actually the most popular menu in our state. The grain is first boiled then the boiled rice is fried with vegetables and some poultry and gas. The curry is organized individually using fowl and some seasonings and lastly the salad is organized utilizing diverse vegetables and fruits and after that these are pot into items and combined along with mustard. Subsequently these three objects are served together. I eat this selection about 3-4 occasions in weekly. This selection is prepared in the home mainly and sometimes it is eaten by me in a bistro. There are several variations in the ingredients as well as the manner this food is prepared.

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Restaurants that are diverse have their own specialty in organizing and serving this selection. That is my favourite food for a lot of causes: firstly it’s quite delightful and healthful. This selection meets the need for food that is diverse beliefs our body desires. It’s not unavailable in a lot of the aspect in our country. Thirdly, I love it because it supplies tastes’ variations. Moreover, it is that significantly cheap to prepare and doesn’t require e much energy to organize. For several these motives it’s my favorite food. Comparable Stick Card Issues Your capability to speak about this Cue Card Matter might likewise enable you to discuss these Cue Card Topics as well: Describe a food item you generally eat Explain a food you take in outside your property Describe an outdoor dinner you’ve had Describe a food product you understand how to cook